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My name is Daz smith and this is the site that hosts my cosmic spoon Remote Viewing blog - which you can find here!

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We have remote viewing news, articles, papers, examples and just about everything to do with this fascinating subject.
If you just want to know 'what is remote viewing?' then we can also answer this question for you. - packed full of remote viewing information, free remote viewing methods and manuals,
remote viewing examples, remote viewing history, remote viewing targets, remote viewing videos and much more!
Owned and run by Daz Smith a UK base CRV (Controlled Remote Viewer with nearly two decades of remote viewing experience in projects and client work.

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If you are interested in CRV - Controlled Remote Viewing then we have a Facebook CRV disucssion group here: - My remote viewing enterprise - where you can hire some of the best civilian remote viewers to work on your
problems and needs, from: predictions or future targets, missing people and things, personal problems, business problems
- contact us and lets see what we can do for you! - FREE Remote Viewing Magazine - eight martinis is a FREE downloadable Remote Viewing magazine
dedicated to the pursuit and the applications of Remote Viewing. Each Issue we will show full example Remote Viewing sessions and projects
from some of the leading Remote Viewing practitioners in the field. - Daz Smith's website and design services - based in Bath, UK. We design and build websites,
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